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The only time Steve Sailer likes Richard Dawkins is when he's making criticisms that uphold Sailer's cultural supremacy theories. Also, guess when Sailer likes federal mandates. If you guessed, "Whenever they satisfy his racial supremacy theories," you're absolutely right!

Robin Hanson discusses the fact that people value visual performance more highly than the actual music. (Any progressive rock fan could have told you this.)

When it first popped up, I did not fully appreciate Stephen Williamson's "Anti-Paul-Krugman" concept. But I was an idiot. It's genius.

Kurt Schuler tells a story about Bretton-Woods, as "compared to what?" Along the way, he manages to convince me that once a change exists for a generation or two, the conditions prior to the change are no longer the relevant comparator. That is, in the wake of WWII, society didn't return to the conditions that existed prior to WWI because those conditions were already long gone.

Speaking of "compared to what?" Steven Landsburg scratches his head over Robert Caro's biography of Lyndon Johnson.

XKCD and Jeffrey Tucker are on the same page today.

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