Sonic Charmer Has Never Immigrated Anywhere

I sincerely believe that if Sonic Charmer actually looked into the real facts about immigration, he would be an open borders advocate. I don't want to keep harping on the guy, but this is just ignorance:
Immigrants don’t, as a rule, have ‘job offers’.
I don't know what else to say, except that it's a shame that someone who has such a strong opinion about immigration knows so little about it. I literally know dozens of people who have immigrated (or emigrated, or both) because they, in fact, had job offers. In fact, I'm a great example.

I also know people who were barred from accepting job offers because the immigration rules were too strict. Probably the most common example of this is an international student who studies at a local university, earns a degree, and then gets a job offer contingent on the employer's ability to obtain the right visa clearance.

Another good example are international employees currently working (legally) in the United States who get job offers from new firms, but who are unable to accept these offers because their visas state that they may only work for their current company. There are tens of thousands of people working on such visas. They live here, they work here, they pay taxes here, they have high-tech skills, and they are all-around good people... who are basically banished to immigration purgatory because of insane rules about not being able to find gainful employment with some other employer, even though they already live and work in the US legally!

The fact that Sonic Charmer is basically ignorant of these common immigration stories - stories you hear all the time when you actually (gasp!) make friends with immigrants and talk to them like equals - belies his inexperience with basic immigration policy.

But more than that, it goes to show you that his opinion is based on limited information. I am confident that if he had more knowledge about immigration laws and the real-world facts involved, he would be every bit the open borders advocate that I am.

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