Why Do People Read Stationary Waves?

Blogger's back office user interface gives me access to certain statistics. For example, I can see a breakdown of how many hits I receive, by country, or by web browser, etc. I can see what link was followed to arrive at my website, and so on. All the typical stuff. (I assume most people know this about website analytics, but some of you might not, so forgive the pedantic explanation.)

I've blogged about this from time to time. For example, way back in 2011, I noticed an increase in web traffic after I made a casual reference to bombshell movie star Halle Berry. I remember logging into Blogger and noticing this big spike in web traffic on the graph that shows hits per day, and thinking to myself, "What the...?" So I looked at the traffic sources, and noticed a bunch of traffic coming from Google searches for Halle Berry. I hope those folks learned a thing or two when they arrived at Stationary Waves.

So, aside from occasional hilarity such as this, sometimes I see some pretty interesting concepts come up from the top-ten Google searches that direct traffic here. Sometimes those searches actually do pertain to things about which I've written; I often get traffic from people using the search string "Tom Morello hypocrite." But some of the other search strings are even more interesting, revealing concepts I've never considered.

Today, for example, I got some web traffic from someone looking for "stationary waves on a trombone." That sounds fantastic! I should buy a trombone for my next Rhesus piece.

The other day, someone arrived here looking for "is pacifism intellectually dishonest". What a fascinating question. I've never blogged about that, but I very well should have. Perhaps I shall dedicate a future post to answering that question.

Many people come looking for a review of the Windsor Clockwork bicycle. (You can find parts 1 and 2 here and here, respectively.) But isn't it fascinating that these hits are typically coming from China?

I also get a lot of hits from people seeking information on male psychology (i.e. the psychology of men, why do men think the way they think), and also information about people who are very demanding. I've blogged about both of these topics, but the frequency of web traffic I get from these searches suggests that I should probably spend more time looking into both ideas.

My album and concert reviews are always a big hit, and generate a lot of web traffic for months and even years after they're written. I enjoy writing them, and this traffic is a strong incentive for me to continue doing so.

Well, keep the good ideas coming, folks. I'm happy to do a little crowd-pleasing with my blogging, so long as our interests intersect. Look for your next websearch on the pages of Stationary Waves in the near future!

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