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The only time Steve Sailer likes the police state is when it supports his white supremacy theories.

Kevin Erdmann draws fascinating demographic parallels between the 1970s and today.

XKCD tells a story about risk. You may apply this lesson to a wide variety of my posts from the past week.

I don't have a huge stake in this recent Krugman-slams-Hayek controversy, but I will make the following observations: When folks like Robert Murphy use Krugman's own words against him, they give Paul Krugman too much credit. Krugman is a great economist who now writes incendiary political op-eds. His goal is to get a rise out of people, not to be correct all the time. I feel like people who respond to him are giving him exactly what he wants.

I cannot help but feel that Tyler Cowen is being a little silly when he says things like, "I have long felt a kinship with [Javanese] culture." Get real.

Quote of the day:
Did you know that "French" is culinary shorthand for "slosh wine all over your breakfast"? With that trick up your sleeve, you'll be mastering the art of French cooking in no time.
Here's my prediction: Snowden eventually winds up in jail, while Obama and his cronies publicly declare that they "take responsibility" for the breaches of policy, thereby getting themselves off the hook forever. Here's a tip for anyone interested in a career in politics: (1) Do whatever you want to. (2) If things go south, just stage a press conference and say that you take responsibility. (3) Hit the public speaking circuit. (4) Profit.

Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day may kill you. Or not. It's almost as if running regressions on perfectly innocuous activities in an attempt to explain universal facts like human mortality results in inconclusive studies.

Speaking of reasons to eschew marijuana, Russell Simmons has done the stupidest thing I can possibly imagine.

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